Optimize your customer relationships and grow your business with the one-stop-shop, Salesforce-powered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for the Travel Industry.

DeepQuest is designed and developed by a team of experts in the travel industry. Our vision is to provide a flexible, scalable, and affordable system for small to medium sized businesses.

DeepQuest is built on the Salesforce platform, taking out-of-the-box features and functionality with customer-designed capabilities to create a one-stop-shop solution. Small or medium sized businesses can use all modules available or simply turn on what’s required for their business.

Cruise Reservations

Our reservation system is designed for a vast array of travel businesses including cruises, yachts, expedition ships, boutique hotels, lodges, and more. It offers a one-stop-shop for all your needs from quoting and creating reservations, to revenue, pricing, and inventory management, and is designed to handle all of your customer relations needs. In addition, New Product Creation is made easy and does not require a large team to support. It is web-based and built on Salesforce, making it simple to direct connections. Our system is designed to work with external systems like your website and seamlessly connects to other internal systems like accounting systems and data warehouses.

Tour Operations

Our Tour Operation module combines all modules and builds mass or custom packages for direct customers or wholesalers.

Shore Excursions

Our Shore Excursion module creates custom excursions for both land and sea. Pricing, mark-ups, and comparisons are conveniently combined into one screen for ultimate ease of use.


Our transportation module supports buses, charters, and limos and is designed to run an end-to-end operation in one central system, including shopping, quoting and pricing of vehicles. This module also includes a built-in scheduler to maximize time and productivity.

Customer Relationship Success

A large proportion of small to medium sized businesses have found it very difficult to find an effective and affordable CRM system. This is why we’ve chosen to take out-of-the-box functions of Salesforce, allowing each module to access key CRM features like creating a new geographical target audience, tracking new and potential customers, and creating campaigns for existing customers.

System Integrations

Building our modules on Salesforce makes it incredibly easy to create API connections and/or use existing applications. It also guarantees cost savings related to the hassles of data centers, hardware, and disaster recovery.

We’ve Carefully Designed Our Solutions
to Specifically Meet Your Unique Needs

Expedition Ships


Transportation Companies

Boutique Hotels


RV Resorts

Why DeepQuest?

One-stop-shop solution

Designed with affordability in mind

Virtual, scalable and free of infrastructure requirements

Supports smaller businesses without large IT resources

Needs only little resources to operate and maintain

Simple and seemless integrations

Easy to use

Why Salesforce?

Join over 150,000 companies who are blazing trails to success with the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Understand your customer’s needs, solve their problems, and identify opportunities by managing their information and interactions with your company on a single platform, accessible anywhere, anytime.

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